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Technical Skills

Adobe Photoshop     Adobe Illustrator       Adobe Premiere      

Adobe After Effects   Autodesk 3Ds Max      Autodesk Maya

Redshift Renderer      Renderman               Pixologic Zbrush

The Foundry: Mari       The Foundry: Nuke   

Industry Experience

Blizzard Entertainment

Cinematic Surfacing Artist (temp)
Feb 2017 - November 10, 2017

Texture and shader setup for assets for in development Cinematics

Programs: Mari, Photoshop, Maya

System: Windows PC, Linux

Digital Domain

Texture Painting
Nov 2016 - Feb 2017

Programs: Mari, Photoshop, Maya

System: Linux + Windows PC

Blizzard Entertainment

Cinematic Surfacing Artist (temp)
May 2015 - Nov 11, 2016

Texture and shader setup for assets in the Cinematic for “World of Warcraft: Legion” and “Overwatch Episodics"

Programs: Mari, Photoshop, Maya

System: Windows PC, Linux

Bad Robot

CG Artist
March 2015 - May 2015

Programs: Mari, Photoshop, Maya

System: Windows PC

The Mill

Texture Painter
Nov 2014 - Dec 2014 

Texturing for “Help” Google Spotlight Story

Programs: Mari, Photoshop, Maya, 

System: Linux

Bad Robot

Texture Painter / Surfacing
July 2014 - Nov 7, 2014 

Programs: Mari, Photoshop, Maya

System: Windows PC

Rhythm & Hues

Texture Paint TD
March 2014 - July 2014
Texturing for “X-men: Days of Future Past” and ride films. 

Programs: Mari, Photoshop, Maya, Mudbox

System: Linux and Mac 


Professor: Mari 102 Jan 2014 Term

Course Description
Mari instruction on program basics, workflows and texturing techniques. "MAR102 explores the awesome flexible power that is the robust Mari software. We address using Mari in your texture painting workflow, including using it in conjunction with other software such as Maya, Mudbox and Photoshop. We also cover essential texturing techniques to get the artist up and running with Mari in no time!" 

Programs: Mari, Photoshop, Maya, Mudbox, Premiere, Camtasia

System: Windows PC 

The Graphic Film Company

CG Artist
Sept 2013 - Oct 2013

"Night of the Living Dead: Origins 3D:" Textured zombies and set props. Set up rough shaders in Maya with Vray. Modeled and unwrapped environment objects and additional character pieces. Sculpted pose and details in static characters (ie: dead bodies) Skydome matte painting for use in rendering/background card.

Programs: Mari, Photoshop, Maya, Mudbox

System: Windows PC 

Floq VFX / Day's End Pictures

Matte Painter
August 2013

Created a Matte Painting for Science Center IMAX movie "Mysteries of the Unseen World."

Programs: Photoshop, After Effects, Maya

System: Windows PC 

Rhythm & Hues

Texture Paint TD
May 2012 - March 2013

Junior Texture Paint TD
June 2012 - Nov 2013

Apprentice Texture Artist
May 2012 - March 2013

Texturing various 3D assets for feature movie production. Working within the lookdev department, between modeling and pre-light to develop a cg asset to be used in final composites. Also helped with their internal wiki page for Mari, explaining the programs tools, methods and tricks for the company to use as reference. 

Programs: Mari, Photoshop, Bodypaint, Mudbox

System: Linux + Mac 

Die Kolonie by Patrick Hannenberger and Christian Shellewald

3D Artist (modeling and texturing for UDK)
 May 2012 - July 2013

The Foundry

March 2012 - May 2012



The Art Institute of Pittsburgh

Bachelor of Science
Media Arts and Animation

Gage Academy of Art

-Figure Painting in Oils (Winter 2018)
-Intermediate Figure and Portrait Drawing (Spring 2018)
-Ecorche I: Skeletal Anatomy (Fall 2018)
-Ecorche II: Musculature I (Winter 2019)
-Mentored Studies in Representation (Winter 2019)

Awards and Honors

Graduation Portfolio Presentation Best of Show for Media Arts and Animation

National Technical Honors Society     

McGraw-Hill Award: The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Student Show


Russell L. Hiller Charitable Scholarship 2008
Art+Smart 2008 2nd Place
Imagine America Scholarship 2008
The Art Institutes and Americans for the Arts Poster Design Competition 2008
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Scholarship Overall Best Portfolio 2008
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh General Fund Scholarship 2009
John Barclay Scholarship 2010
George L. Pry Memorial Scholarship 2011 (First Ever awarded)