Surfacing / Texture Artist - 3D Modeler -  Illustrator


I've worked for Blizzard Entertainment as a Surfacing Artist for Cinematics. 
I've also worked in VFX as a texture painter at Rhythm & Hues, instructor for FXPHD and Robot at Kelvin Optical/Bad Robot Productions. Working within Mari to generate realistic textures for assets to be used within feature movies. 

Graduate of the Media Arts and Animation program from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. 

I have fun creating visual effects assets, game assets as well as animation style assets. A different challenge is fun!

Other than art, I love reading, writing, photography, video games, rock climbing, yoga and traveling.

I like helping others, teaching new things as well as learning them. 

Constantly learning and growing. I am striving to live my life to the fullest, believing in dreams and potential of the future.