Surfacing | Texturing | 3D Modeler |  Illustrator


I am a Traditional Art and Computer Graphics artist who loves games, music, illustrated art, photography and the outdoors. These origins to my art influence me greatly.

My professional work thus far has been Texturing for Feature Films and Surfacing for Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch Shorts. I have fun creating visual effects assets, game assets, and animation style assets. A different challenge is fun!

On the side of my professional work I am always trying to improve my illustration and fine art skills. My personal project is “Keepers of Time” the Graphic Novel. In my free time I’m working on developing that world and plan to have it published when complete. It can be seen at Keepers of Time Comic.

I graduated from the Media Arts and Animation program at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 2011. 

Other than art, I love hiking, photography, rock climbing, costuming, jewelry making, reading, writing, video games, yoga and traveling.

I like helping others, teaching new things as well as learning them. 

Constantly learning and growing. I am striving to live my life to the fullest, believing in dreams and potential of the future. I lived in LA for 7yrs after college, I currently reside in Seattle, WA adventuring and creating art.